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Technical quality and customer parts support is essential for equipment manufacturing companies that desire to grow significantly. Maintaining outstanding service and exceptional corporate image are extremely important for improving overall reputation and success. Customer Support Platform is the one true integrated online aftersales support system that can help small to medium sized OEMs perform like the well established market leaders.

CSP will bring your business closer to your customers and enhance your distributor relationships. Its main features are interactive online parts ordering system, online warranty, product registration, dealers management, training portal, pricing and inventory management, parts ordering and administration, call log, non-conformity reports, data interchange with ERP.
Companies that use the Customer support Platform are more efficient. CSP increases profits and creates a foundation for online technical service, knowledge base, and product diagnostics support. It provides distributors with access to OEM business systems for direct, error-free communication and information exchange. The bottom line is it transforms your customer service support to a more profitable, streamlined and growing business.

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Customer Support Platform utilizes the lates online Technology through innovative clod-based software and hardware platforms. It also uses advanced document translation features and binds with internal ERP. It does not involve any software modifications or changes to the customer's internal systems.
The administrative function provides the customer with the tools to manage and maintain the Customer Support Portal. Furthermore, the customer is able to track on-line documents, get status updates and actively participate in the support process.
The site is a powerful tool for customer relation management where the OEM can manage its customers/dealers. Inventory control and pricing, warranty management, customization of on-line document structure and workflow, bi-directional communication with dealers/customers are just a few more of the administrative features.


Customer Support Platform is comprised of training and marketing professionals along with software engineers, with many years of industry experience.
Our priority is on helping companies increase the quality and efficiency of their spare parts and service support operations.
Customers can reach us 24x7 via phone or e-mail.










Compete on the next level of business.

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Revenue levels have increased by 600%. I would recommend the Parts Online system to anyone that is looking to increase online sales, reduce call volume, and compete on the next level of business.

Jeff Long

Manitex, Inc.

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Close to 20 years now my companies rely on AMS IT services. They always come with innovative and cost-saving solutions.

Fil Filipov

Private Investor, Owner and Chairman, Atlas GmbH

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The Parts OnLine concept is solid and I recommend it to those who are looking for a good value, great support, and a professional online experience.

Dan Dulevich

Schaeff Lift Truck, Inc.


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